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About Deviant Bill BrinkMale/United States Recent Activity
Deviant for 13 Years
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Bill Brink
United States
Current Residence: Philly
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Metal
Favourite style of art: Abstract & Vector
Operating System: Windows XP Home
MP3 player of choice: Winamp 2.8
Wallpaper of choice: My own
Favourite cartoon character: Cartmen
Personal Quote: (insert sentence here)....bitch!
Hey, my camera has offically been sent to get devolped, thus pics will b up within the week

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toothdekay Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2004
thanks for the comment!
MissJacky Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2004
Someone posted! Mwahahahahaha
*rubs hands together evilly*
Hokay, so, what we have here is JackyBuGPost#3! And it might be mega doozy.. or something, but by now you know I blabblabblab heaps so you'll be used to it, and if you're not, *WHAM* eye opener city!
Ok, I don't know what that was about, but anyways, YES! I have to send you Myrtle Turtle (My Song) It fkn ROCKS! I played it live at a local concert and it WENT OFF big time, wait, have I already said that? *scrolls up*
Nope, I haven't, well, now you know!
So! Chat with me, do you have msn? XD Because if you do we can be the best of friends!
Oh no, I'm afriad this post won't be as long as my last one because I dont' have much to rant about this time because I have to go to school and hand in an assignment and so stupid thing like work oh and yes I am going to go and eat suchi for lunch in about an hour!
Mmmmmmmmm sushi! I :heart: is with much love, is t3h best food EVER, it r0xx0rz my b0xx0rz and my s0xx0rz (man I'm lame (o: )
But yes, do you like sushi? If you don't, I will cry! No, really, ok, I will explain, sushi isn't raw fish... SASHIMI is raw fish... Sushi is the art of wrapping it up in seaweed and rice, but it can be cooked chicken, tuna, salmon, whatever, prawn, avocado MMMM so yes, if you think sushi is raw fish then you are uneducated, oh, and if you already knew that sushi is yummy, then ignore that rant ^^
Ok well, I think I've said enough this time!
Oh no wait, everyone is saying you're hot...
*looks at comments*
... I guess I better say sumthing nice about your manlyness too then!
Ready for it, here it comes!
Ok, I really am done now ^_^
:heart: MEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee
(Your turn ^^)
hybridcherries Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2004
hey baby.. i'm really gonna miss you while i'm gone. i hope you have fun over Mitch's tommorow and all. I'm gonna be writing a poem to you tonight. I'll call you whenever I can. I charged my phone last night, and I know it'll work down there. i'll be thinking about you.. try to think of something for us to do on monday, as will I.

I wish I could give you something that'll remind me of you. If I go shopping or something, I'll be looking for a gift for you. I hope you have a semi-decent weekend. I'll call you as much as I can. Probably tonight. Alrighty, bye I love you x all the stars in the universe. :giggle:
MissJacky Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2004
Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ^^
You replied! YaY! *glomps*
Erm, yes, people respond to me because I'm luffleh! ^^ and because I say goofy things that make people smile and point and laugh at me... at least I think so... meh
ANYWAYS, I feel cheated that it's not your band... *buh*
But it's ok, because I used to be in a band but now I'm not so I feel sad because I don't have one but not too sad because neither do you... hokay, that didn't make sense, see, I babble! *babblebabblebabble*
I do apologise though, well, you did say I should drop you a line (but hey so did I =P)
*drops line*
o0o0o0ops... ok, sorry if I am taking up a lot os space on your comment thingy, but I'm just trying to make it noticable so you'll replyyyyyyyy ^^
See, I'm so sneakily honest... erm, YEAH!!! ^^
BTW, classic rock n metal = goodly! Yes... I agree it's a nice combination! If I could post my music on DA, I would, I have one very cool song, that is like... Spiderbait style.. but it's not, it's MY style.. so erm, yes, see, that's just what I've been told! But I like it and I think you will too! ^_^
Woah, I just realised how many smileys are in there! I guess I'm ltra happeh! hehehe (:
Ok well, it's your turn to reply now!
Tatty BYE! (:
MissJacky Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2004
Hello there!
Random Love :heart:!
I really like your gallery, black n white photography, fkn awesome! What kind of music does your band play? (:
drop me a line, let me know!
to0o0odles ^^
xorxqueenox Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2004
like pshh but thats the news holla. hmm im adjacent to the truth but next to lying.. i need a fucking giraffe. WTF!?!?!
xorxqueenox Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2004
Oh MY GAWD. Bill is like, UBER sexy like oh my gawd my husband. lol.

And Ang is my wifey<3333
hybridcherries Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2004
You're hawt....

And Steamy hawt..
No, no..

Steamily handsomely hawt.
Not yet.. hmm.......

Devastatingly, steamily, handsomely, absolute hawtness!!!
hybridcherries Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2004
You did ittttt! Yessssuuh! Good job, love. 3K pageviews!

Bill Brink
is a Deviant of Many Talents
is Male
is a deviant since Feb 10, 2003, 7:18 PM
has 3,000 pageviews
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ShadowWalkerInc Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2004
:white rabbit hopes in: So late but your welcome for all the favs then, now & later :hopes off:
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